Tuesday, June 21, 2016


As a child, I drew a lot. I think it was my main occupation. As a teenager my drawings became more complex and I swore to myself that I will never become an artist because the amount of focus and work it required seemed daunting to me. I always had an image in my mind of what I wanted the end product to look like and I felt very impatient to get the drawing to finally reach it's final stage.

Ironically, I studied illustration and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Many years have passed since I finished art school and my art has taken a long slumber. In the past year my wish to become an illustrator, dormant for fiver years, reawakened. As a full-time elementary school teacher, my schedule is replete with responsibilities, but I come home and find the nooks and crannies of minutes and hours to spend on my art. With time, patience and perseverance I hope I will achieve my goal. It is always inspiring to find modern illustrators that are successful, for if they can achieve it, it must be possible.